Wanglers in the Community

1381679_678187105533658_914176859_n In the community, the Texas Wranglers put on games to raise money for other non-profit organizations. Even so, the teams within the UBL are highly competitive—Coach Denson and his players have the same drive to succeed as any team in the NBA.

While Coach Denson is disappointed that the Wranglers lost the championship game, he is still proud of his team.1394259_658284354205997_1844969296_n

“I think we did pretty well. I have a pretty good team. Every year it’s more players and you have to do the best with what you’ve got. We have more [players] coming next year. We don’t want to get too big but we are in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri right now. That’s our territory.”

Even though the season is over, the Wranglers still have work to do.

485607_174432199388299_51400969_n“The summertime is when we’ll get sponsors,” explains Coach Denson. “We’ll be doing marketing, getting the word out to the community, trying to get out in corporate America and get them to sponsor the games—doing all the leg work. We train through the summer, at night, keeping in shape. There’s no time off just because we’re not playing games. We’ve got to keep in shape, keep fired up for next year.

“I’m very excited about the next year. We fought well; the team fought really well in the championship. Arkansas beat us—we just lost that game—but I’m proud of the team.”

The Wranglers and Coach Denson will spend the summer gearing up for the next season and looking for opportunities to benefit the community. The hard work benefits both themselves and the area they choose to call home