Meet the Coach

densonBasketball has played an integral part in Coach Denson’s life. He played basketball throughout high school before getting a scholarship to play for Texas A&M. Coach Denson then went to the Dallas Mavericks, who sent him to the Central Basketball Association for one year.

He was not picked up, so he began teaching and coaching. His teams have won state titles in football, basketball, tennis and girls volleyball. Eventually, he had the opportunity to purchase the Texas Wranglers, and he is now the owner of both the team and the UBL.

“I love basketball,” says Coach Denson. “This is my passion. This is my calling in life. It’s not just basketball, it’s about the young men being good role models, making good decisions. It’s a life changing deal. It’s a business; it’s not just playing basketball. You market yourself and market your team.”

The players often go and work for the sponsors, and Coach Denson says they do well. The team does not have big name sponsors, so they have to work hard to earn funding. The team plays at Greenhill School, where Coach Denson says they have a great turnout. The emphasis is on family-friendly entertainment.